Stay on top of events that can make or break a lease

Lease administrators know what it’s like to constantly juggle important dates and different lease options. But what about the consequences of missing a crucial date — one that could cost your company millions of dollars and maybe even cost someone their job?

Visual Lease’s critical date alerts ensure you’re on top of important dates and can handle them in a timely manner, including renewals, options, end purchases, right of first refusal, right of first offer, and more. The solution also alerts you to critical financial dates, such as base rent escalations, tax increases, and CPI escalations.

Be alerted to all your critical dates

For each lease in your portfolio, you must know the dates for every option, rent step, TI reimbursement, security deposit maturation, and a host of other items. With Visual Lease, you and your team will be alerted to all these important milestones well in advance of expirations and other make-or-break, critical end dates.

So, you’ll not only avoid last-minute decisions and the mistakes that come with them — you’ll also be empowered to never miss a crucial date or lease renewal again. And that translates to money (and perhaps even jobs) saved.

Get the functionality you need to stay on top of administrative tasks

Visual Lease’s highly configurable solution empowers you to:

  • Set dates for all the crucial milestones you need to know, including lease options, financial options, and term details.
  • Perform bulk, multi-lease updates across your entire lease portfolio, to schedule alerts for groups of leases at one time — for instance, have the system automatically alert you 90 days in advance of a specific event for each lease in the portfolio.
  • Convey critical date alerts to any internal organizations and stakeholders, such as real estate, accounting, and legal departments, as well as to third-party services such as property managers and brokers.

Visual Lease can be configured to provide multiple layers of reminders so that you and your team never miss a notice period again. For example:

  • Each date type can be configured to notify different groups of users at different time intervals.
  • Automated and user-defined reminders and notifications can be provided to users via email, dashboards, and reports.
  • Alerts can be triggered by any date associated with an action.