New IFRS 16 Standards

Is your company considering changing to an upgraded lease management platform with the roll-out of the new IFRS 16 standards?

At Visual Lease, we know that lessees will face major changes in the way they do business — the new IFRS standards have the potential to affect real estate, equipment, licensing, technology, vehicle and other types of leases. Instead of worrying about the way you will report new IFRS on leases, why not consider a comprehensive management platform that can ease the transition?

Visual Lease offers a reliable solution in the form of our new IFRS 16 software, which can help you integrate the new reporting methods without a hitch. Let us give you the confidence you need to know that your team can respond to these new reporting requirements.

Visual Lease: Like a consultant for your new IFRS 16 compliance

Working with Visual Lease is like hiring a dedicated consultant for your new IFRS standards implementation. Our specialists are skilled in rapid deployment of our software solution. With Visual Lease, you can manage both the lease documents and the accounting elements of your leases in the same program.

Our superb data management system can be fully functional at your organization within just 90 days, making Visual Lease one of the most responsive systems on the market today. Working with Visual Lease offers a superior experience because:

  • We act to protect the interests of the organization through dedicated software implementation specialists.
  • Our team offers resources to promote the organizational change that accompanies our software deployment.
  • We focus on your core business needs, providing you with custom modules and data reporting structures that respond to your concerns.
  • And we achieve real results at your organization.

You deserve the peace of mind to know that your company is in full compliance with the new IFRS 16 standards – and Visual Lease can help. Let us do the heavy lifting while you manage other organizational concerns. Contact our team today to get started.