New IASB Leases New Standard

Is your business ready for the new IASB leases new standard? The IASB has handed down major changes in lease accounting, which will take effect next year, and it’s putting all types of companies in a pinch to modify their lease accounting processes and practices to stay in compliance.

Visual Lease knows that this can be an arduous process — especially for those businesses that utilize hundreds, or even thousands, of leases. Luckily, Visual Lease is ready to help you meet the demands of the new IASB leasing changes.


Providing your team with a single source of truth for all lease data

One of the major hurdles that businesses face is knowing where to find answers to their lease accounting questions. The new IASB lease accounting changes will force businesses to bring almost all of their leased items to the balance sheet, so keeping tabs on leases is paramount.

With Visual Lease, you are able to create a single source of truth for all lease data. Instead of wading through endless folders of spreadsheets or sorting through filing cabinets of paper documents, Visual Lease helps you centralize all this data into a single platform.

  • Visual Lease allows you to retrieve and export data, in addition to generating reports that help provide you with insight and information on all leases.
  • Our software also contains a module that ensures you remain in compliance with the new IASB leases new standard. You don’t have to worry about compliance again.
  • Visual Lease helps your team save time and energy by running calculations and automating many of the tedious processes involved with lease management and reporting.

The new IASB leasing changes can be met with supreme preparation thanks to Visual Lease. We can provide you with 90-day implementation, migrate your lease data and offer highly effective training for your team.

Hundreds of clients rely on Visual Lease to stay in compliance with the new IASB leases new standard — and you can, too. Contact us for a free demo.