Lease Accounting Standards Update

What does the FASB lease accounting standards update mean for your company? According to industry experts, the lease accounting standard changes that have been handed down by this governing body will require more than a cursory glance — they could affect the fundamentals of your business operation.

Instead of trying to aggregate multiple Excel spreadsheets or other rudimentary tracking devices for compliance, why not consider a one-stop shop like Visual Lease? Our software will help you transition to the accounting standards revised version, giving you the confidence you need to know that your organization is in compliance.

For such a major change in cross-industry accounting practices, you need a trusted software platform to manage your data – you need Visual Lease.

Why clients choose our software for lease accounting standards update processes

If you are operating a large firm with multiple holdings, you know that leases play an important role in your everyday business practices. From vehicles to real estate holdings, from technological solutions to licensing agreements, your company depends on solid lease agreements to keep doing business effectively.

Too many software programs on the market today are designed to only manage either the contract element or the financial impact of your leases — few are intended to oversee all aspects of a lease. That is where Visual Lease gives your team the advantage. We can help you navigate the lease accounting standard changes through our comprehensive approach to lease management.

Visual Lease is capable of managing all types of lease data. Even more important, however, is our software’s ability to quickly generate reports for compliance and internal decision-making needs. If you are overseeing hundreds or thousands of leases, you know just how important it is to be able to quickly access your data. Help your team work through the lease accounting standards update by giving them a tool that will support their efforts. Contact Visual Lease today to learn more.