JLL Lease Administration Software

The Chicago-based professional services and investment giant JLL is a trusted resource for many in the commercial real estate space, and Visual Lease provides JLL lease administration software that was developed via a strong partnership with this worldwide corporation.

Businesses that find themselves utilizing leases of any kind – including commercial real estate leases — need to find a streamlined and effective process to manage those leases and report on them for accounting purposes.

Visual Lease provides proprietary JLL lease accounting software that benefits our clients in a number of ways.

  • For starters, just consider your company’s current methods of tracking and managing leases. Does it include a mountain of spreadsheets or paper documents located throughout various offices? Visual Lease provides JLL lease accounting solutions that bring all this information conveniently together under one single platform.
  • Visual Lease worked with JLL for lease accounting changes — developing software that would keep users in complete compliance with the changing FASB and IFRS rules. With these changes, essentially all leased assets will need to show up on your company’s balance sheet. This means drastic changes are needed for accounting processes and our JLL lease administration software can help.
  • Our JLL lease accounting software allows your business to easily implement a powerful digital tool and customize it to your needs. Thanks to its easy integration with over 50 existing ERPs and accounting software, your team is able to transfer crucial lease data to where it needs to go.

On top of our innovative software, Visual Lease provides clients with access to our highly trained and knowledgeable lease experts. These are men and women who combine for decades in this business and can serve as a trusted resource to ensure your business is managing leases in the best way possible.

Get started with our JLL lease administration software — our team is standing by to schedule a discovery call or to give you a free demo of this game-changing digital solution.