IFRS Leasing Standards

With changes to the IFRS leasing standards about to take effect, it’s time for your business to re-visit your lease management and accounting processes and procedures. Instead of risking compliance issues, and just being ineffective in your efforts in general, the team at Visual Lease is ready to provide you with the necessary tools.


Make the necessary IFRS lease accounting updates with Visual Lease

With monumental lease accounting changes on the way, businesses of all kind will be forced to bring essentially every leased asset to the balance sheet — something that not every company is prepared to do.

With IFRS leasing updates like these, businesses are forced to make procedural changes, but they face a variety of hurdles, including:

  • Scattered lease data: Many businesses find that their lease information is spread out in a variety of locations and formats. With Visual Lease, you can bring all that information together under one platform, making it easily accessible and available to satisfy the new IFRS leasing standards.
  • Not enough time: It might seem like a company’s accounting staff is already stretched too thin — do you really have enough time to plan out, and execute, these foundational accounting changes? Visual Lease provides wrap-around services that go with our software. We can help you integrate the software in addition to migrating data, training your team and more.
  • Complicated tools: With Visual Lease, you don’t have to navigate tedious or complicated software or programs just to meet the needs of IFRS lease accounting updates. Visual Lease is very easy to use — one of the many reasons that we have a 98 percent retention rate with our clients.

Over 300 businesses rely on Visual Lease for their lease management and accounting needs — some of those include Fortune 500 companies.

Our team of lease experts are ready to help you meet the needs of the new IFRS leasing standards. Get started now with a free demo or discovery call.