IFRS Leasing Standard

Are you ready for changes to the IFRS leasing standard? With the formal rollout of the regulations slated for January 1, 2019, virtually all companies with leases need to be prepared for the implementation of the new rules.

The earlier you begin working to accommodate these IFRS lease accounting changes, the better-prepared your organization will be. Manage the organizational impact of these changes with the help of technology solutions like those offered by Visual Lease. Our easy-to-use software offers Excel templates that streamline collection and management of your company’s lease data.

We improve the efficiency of your reporting processes and can support your team through IFRS leasing changes with the help of dedicated “transition wizards.” How do you survive changes to the IFRS standard? Visual Lease suggests leaning on your technology partners and developing a plan early. Now is the time to act.

Supporting your transition to the IFRS leasing standard

Visual Lease offers an accounting module that is designed to incorporate both current and new IASB standards (IAS 17 and IFRS 16). Taking the time to implement a system to support these IFRS lease accounting changes means that you will experience:

  • Fewer reporting errors
  • Less frustration
  • And, smaller overall organizational impact

As a large corporation with diverse lease arrangements, your management team needs a one-stop-shop for reporting and organizing your lease data. Visual Lease is operated by a team of real estate experts that understands the complex agreements and contracts that are often missed by other groups. Further, our platform is designed to help you manage leases for all types of assets, including vehicles, property, technology and equipment.

With more than 350 clients, including a large chunk of Fortune 500 companies, using our product to improve efficiency and reporting, we are confident that our software can meet your needs. Whether you are considering your first-ever lease management software, or you want to transition to a more robust system, Visual Lease can help. Let us show you how we can support your compliance with the new IFRS leasing standard. Contact our team and learn more.