IFRS Leases New Standard

What does the IFRS leases new standard mean for your business? Whether you manage the financial aspects of a small company or a multi-national conglomerate, you probably oversee some leases. Those could include real estate or property leases, equipment leases, vehicle leases and even licensing agreements for media assets.

Under the modified IFRS accounting rules, both capital and operating leases must now be reported on your balance sheet. If you are feeling unprepared for the transition to the new IFRS leasing rules, it is time to speak to Visual Lease. Our team of professionals can help you ensure compliance with the new rules and a smooth transition from the existing system.

A trusted source for your transition to IFRS leases new standard

At Visual Lease, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders for FASB and IFRS transitions within all types of companies. In fact, our company’s CEO was actually invited to weigh in as a lease expert during the ASC 842 roundtable.

Who better to help your company understand and implement the IFRS accounting rules than a company who helped write the rules? With Visual Lease, you can expect a rapid, accurate deployment that focuses on:

  • Speedy data migration from your existing system
  • Validation to ensure that your information is properly transferred
  • Training and education for your staff
  • And your total satisfaction with our system

When you choose Visual Lease, you are investing in a system that integrates both accounting duties and lease contract documents, allowing you to quickly access the data you need.

For larger companies — those with annual revenues in the hundreds of millions — your lease burden can quickly become overwhelming if you have not invested in the right software. Reduce your risk during the implementation of the IFRS leases new standard with the help of Visual Lease. Click now to schedule your no-cost demonstration.