The International Accounting Standards Board has instituted new accounting standards (contained in IFRS 16) for leases of all kinds, from a IFRS 16 operating lease to real estate, equipment and capital leases.

Businesses of virtually all industries are left to re-consider their practices in reporting, managing and conducting the accounting work on their various leases and Visual Lease is a valuable, Cloud-based tool that will keep your organization in line with the IFRS 16 standard.


Providing day-one compliance for our clients

It’s essential to be proactive about making the transition to compliance with these new rules and guidelines. From having a firm grasp on the IFRS 16 transition rules to gaining access to a digital tool that automates many of the tedious accounting processes and calculations for you, Visual Lease and our dedicated team are ready to go to work for you.


With our software, you are able to:

  • Manage your IFRS 16 operating lease or leases, in addition to any other type of lease imaginable. They are all brought together under one, easy-to-use, unified solution.
  • Gain access to your entire portfolio of leases at any point and time. Visual Lease allows you to generate one-time and recurring reports to provide the data that you and your accounting team require.
  • Create your own custom reports instead of relying one of our many pre-loaded templates.

Visual Lease can be easily integrated into your company’s accounting and ERP systems. In fact, Visual Lease works seamlessly with a long list of platforms to create easy communication between your lease management software and your accounting platform.


Stay in compliance with IFRS 16 standard

Create, alter, manage and report on a IFRS 16 operating lease, and other forms of leases, quickly and easily with the help of Visual Lease. We invite you to consult with our team members to analyze your needs. Visual Lease is also available for a free demo.