FASB Lease Management Standards

Are you concerned with your business’ ability to adapt to the new FASB lease management standard? Lease accounting is changing in a major way, with monumental changes being handed down by both the FASB and IFRS.

With this FASB management standards update, almost all leased assets will have to make their way to your company’s balance sheet. We don’t blame you if your team is feeling a little stressed out as you observe a growing pile of spreadsheets and paper documents that has currently sufficed as your means of lease management.

But, now, there is a different way. Visual Lease provides a user-friendly digital solution for businesses of all industries. With Visual Lease, your team is able to streamline lease management and reporting while keeping you in compliance with the FASB lease regulations update.


Deadlines are looming to get in compliance with the latest FASB lease management standard

These new lease accounting rules will be taking effect in 2019, making it essential for your business to start preparing. Visual Lease not only provides software that brings together all of your lease data under one, centralized platform and automates reporting and calculation, but our team also offers wrap-around services to make our digital solutions even more effective.

With those deadlines right around the corner, our team can provide you with 90-day implementation, thorough training, configuration, lease abstracting and more. We can examine every aspect of your company’s current lease accounting process and help to make sure it satisfies the needs of the new FASB management standards update.

You can try a free demo of Visual Lease, or connect with our team for a free discovery call to learn more about your needs. Get started right now by connecting with our team and talking to us more about the new FASB lease management standard.