Corporate Lease Accounting Solutions

Visual Lease stands as one of the most user-friendly and effective corporate lease accounting solutions on the market today.

Many businesses — regardless of industry — utilize leases within their daily operations. Whether that puts them in the role of lessor or lessee, it’s paramount that they keep tabs on the information tied to those leases.

This is more important now than it ever has been, because new lease accounting rules are on the way from the FASB and IFRS, forcing companies to bring almost every leased asset to their balance sheet for accounting purposes. With our corporate lease management program, you can ensure that all lease information is in one central location and you are in compliance with the new rules.


A user-friendly way to satisfy corporate lease accounting standards

Visual Lease has a client base that includes over 350 companies that belong to many different industries. Of those clients, we serve Fortune 500 businesses that rely on our solutions and services to keep tabs on lease information.

With our corporate lease accounting solutions, it’s simple to:

  • Integrate the software with your existing systems and solutions. Visual Lease integrates with over 50 accounting and ERP programs so that your business can continue using the tools that they are familiar with.
  • Enter data. With our corporate lease management program, you can go from having lease information scattered around in various formats to a clean, centralized approach. The Visual Lease team can help you migrate the data into your software.
  • Recall data. Your company will need quick access to this information. With Visual Lease, generating reports and exporting the data to existing accounting and EPR software is a breeze.

The team behind Visual Lease has spent decades in this industry, specializing in lease accounting and other lease-related disciplines.

We invite you to put this knowledge and expertise to work for your business with our corporate lease accounting solutions.