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Learn more about the ASC 842 Power Play

ASC 842 Power Play 
for Private Companies 

Get the proven playbook for easy transitions from Grant Thornton and powerful software for confident ongoing compliance from Visual Lease.    

A Proven Playbook from Kickoff to Compliance

Grant Thornton’s lease playbook clearly outlines each step to reach compliance and is packed full of resources to support you along the way.

A playbook backed by experience & results

About Visual Lease

Visual Lease is the #1 lease optimization software provider. We help organizations become compliant with FASB, IFRS and GASB lease accounting standards, while simultaneously improving the financial, legal and operational performance of their leases. Our easy-to-use SaaS platform is embedded with more than three decades of best practices from major corporations and leading industry professionals. 

Our award-winning solutions are used by 1,000+ organizations to manage 500,000+ real estate, equipment and other leased assets. Committed to ongoing innovation and unparalleled customer service, Visual Lease helps organizations transform their lease compliance requirements into financial opportunities.

Powerful Lease Accounting
Solution for Complete Confidence

Visual Lease makes easy-to-use software that helps teams transition to ASC 842, maintain compliance through day 2, and optimize lease spend.  

Proven Success

With over 400 successful lease adoptions, Grant Thornton has seen it all. Between inefficiencies, errors, and restatement concerns, leasing will be at the center of discussions during your year-end audit. This methodology is proven to ensure success.  

Unmatched Technical Expertise

Grant Thornton’s Leasing Center of Excellence goes unmatched in the market. With a former Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) member and two former FASB staff critical to the issuance of ASC 842, we have knowledge and insight into the guidance that will ensure you are confident in your reporting.  

Efficient & Effective

Adoptions can take significant time and resources even with the right plan in place. We’ve seen companies take this on internally and waste resources due to lack of direction, misunderstandings, and increased audit risk. Using this playbook can save you time and money:  

One-click compliance

Generate automated journal entries and reports for month-end close and disclosures for audit with ease. Calculations are transparent and included in a SOC I Type II audit for accuracy and peace of mind.

Tools for cross-functional teams

Ensure completeness and consistency with integrated lease management tools that centralize your leases and maintain accurate data across teams.

Tools for Day 2

Automated alerts ensure you never miss another dollar on options and make it easy to manage remeasurements.

Tools to connect your tech

Automated exports and real-time API integrations to connect your ERP, General Ledger, BI tool, and anything else.

Support included, never extra

Dedicated implementation resources, on-demand training, and expert ongoing support sets customers up for success – and sets Visual Lease apart.


Learn how to get started, identify a project lead and introduce potential stakeholders to ASC 842.

Identify All Leases

Assess your lease population and define your approach to identifying known, and most importantly, unknown leases.

Implement Technology

Import your data and configure Visual Lease to streamline your work and ensure completeness, consistency, and easy adoption.

Analyze Lease Data

Develop an efficient adoption strategy to make practical expedient and policy elections early in the process and use our trainings, trackers, templates and checklists to extract the correct lease data and ensure accuracy.

Design and Document

Utilize draft memos to document your compliance from adoption and going forward, and consider Day 2 plans.

Complete Adoption and Go-Live

Finalize your reporting, leveraging Grant Thornton’s disclosure guidance, and feel confident and prepared for your audit.

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