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Top-notch technology meets expert lease advisors for the most complete transition solution for ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87 and GASB 96.

End-to-End Lease Accounting Compliance

About Visual Lease

Visual Lease is the #1 lease optimization software provider. We help organizations become compliant with FASB, IFRS and GASB lease accounting standards, while simultaneously improving the financial, legal and operational performance of their leases. Our easy-to-use SaaS platform is embedded with more than three decades of best practices from major corporations and leading industry professionals. 

Our award-winning solutions are used by 1,000+ organizations to manage 500,000+ real estate, equipment and other leased assets. Committed to ongoing innovation and unparalleled customer service, Visual Lease helps organizations transform their lease compliance requirements into financial opportunities.

The Best of Both Worlds

Lease accounting compliance requires completeness, consistency, and comprehensive controls. And technology is only a piece of the puzzle.  

Introducing a new option for lease accounting transition projects led by leading accounting and advisory firms in partnership with Visual Lease. 

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Abstraction assistance  & technical accounting

Time and time again, Baker Tilly has proven they have the right team, the resources and the commitment to go the extra mile for their clients. The Baker Tilly team was able to lay the foundation of the project and work alongside us to meet the deadline, giving us the confidence that our lease standard implementation would be a success.

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