The new lease accounting standards under US-GAAP require organizations to account for leases as right-of-use assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. This isn’t just another one-and-done disclosure, it’s a whole new approach to accounting with a much higher level of scrutiny.  
This is a massive administrative lift 
for most companies, requiring 
cross-functional input, new accounting procedures, interpretations, decisions, and new technologies to automate 
and enable the process.

In this webinar, we discuss:

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The decisions and procedures organizations must consider as part of this process

Why complete and accurate data is such a complicated problem in lease accounting 

How the lease accounting standards' changes will impact cross-functional teams – and who to involve in the planning process  

Ideal project timelines for lease accounting compliance

Common speedbumps in the process and how to plan for them 

On-demand webinar:

ASC 842 as easy 

as ABC 123:

Planning for lease 
accounting compliance

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Alexandra Betesh - Vice President, Client Services, Visual Lease

Joe Fitzgerald - Senior Vice President, Lease Market Strategy, Visual Lease

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