Commercial Real Estate Leasing Software

If you want a commercial real estate leasing software that is consistently upgraded and modified to meet your industry’s needs, you deserve to work with Visual Lease. Our team of qualified real estate professionals and technology experts have crafted a commercial lease management software platform that fully integrates with your existing system.

What does that ERP integration mean for you? Commercial lease software that works with your enterprise resource planning system allows for a more streamlined approach and better decision-making at the highest levels of the organization. Take the guesswork out of your lease management process with the help of the knowledgeable pros at Visual Lease.


Why integrating commercial real estate leasing software with your ERP is so critical

So, what does enterprise resource planning software do for your company?

  • In most organizations, this tool is designed to manage billing and shipping details, financial data, accounting information and supply chain management data, among other items. Having a commercial lease management software system that “talks” to your existing ERP resource means that you will not have to develop redundant processes to manage the same information.
  • This is a leaner way of operating — removing waste and duplication — and this approach also creates a more comprehensive data set and reporting mechanism for your organization.
  • With Visual Lease, you will never have to undertake “swivel chair” data entry, which involves manually inputting information from your ERP into our software system. Instead, our automated data migration and full integration with your existing software gives you the confidence you need to know that data is imported with fidelity and integrity.

We simply cannot overstate the importance of a commercial real estate leasing software option that can limit hassle and reduce errors by working with your existing approach. Ready to get started with our leasing software? Click today to contact our team. We can coordinate a free demo.