CBRE Lease Administration

CBRE is one of the world’s leaders in commercial real estate services and Visual Lease proudly stands as a high-value, innovative CBRE lease administration tool.

Here at Visual Lease, our leasing experts have developed proprietary CBRE lease accounting software that allows your business to manage, track and account for any number of active leases while keeping you in compliance with accounting rules and standards.

Our CBRE lease accounting solutions empower a wide range of clients — whether they manage just a couple of leases or hundreds. With the information that is made readily available through Visual Lease, your team will be able to:

  • Get an accurate snapshot of your real estate’s performance in order to make important decisions that have a direct impact on the profitability of your business.
  • Streamline the process of managing and reporting on leases. When you use Visual Lease for CBRE lease administration, you don’t have to maintain stacks of paper records or spreadsheets — they’re all available in a central platform.
  • Remain in compliance with accounting standards. This is especially crucial because some major changes are on their way, handed down by the FASB and IFRS. Visual Lease is a trusted resource that will ensure that you stay within the guidelines without having to obsess over compliance.

On top of the many benefits of this CBRE lease accounting software, Visual Lease boasts a respectable cost of ownership, which not only pads your company’s financial bottom line, but it streamlines processes to make aspects of your business more efficient. It’s truly a valuable investment, especially when paired with the knowledgeable service of our experienced lease experts.


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